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Video-recording of Events or Classes (Pullman campus)

Academic Media Services can videorecord events for general university classes or for other occasions. Audio and video equipment are provided, along with a trained technician, who sets up and runs the equipment. In capturing the event, the videographer is guided by the client’s goals, as communicated to him/her when the event is scheduled. The videorecording is usually available to the client immediately after the event.

The recording media are VHS videotape or mini-DV.  Microphone types available are handheld, desktop or floor stands, and lapel microphones.  

Video-recording can take place at any campus location where power is available.  

If the video-recording is associated with a general university course, no charges apply, but the client must provide the videotape or mini-DV.  If the video-recording is not associated with a general university course, the charge is $35 an hour, but the recording media is supplied by Academic Media Services.  

The VHS tape or mini-DV is available to the client immediately after the event, if charges have been pre-paid, or at the Academic Media Offices, Holland 150.  

Payment Methods
Payment of any charges can be made before the event or when the video-recording is picked up. Payment methods include:
  • IRI’s hand delivered, mailed or faxed to 335-7440
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Cougar Cash
Advance notice of 48 hours is required, especially when the video-recording will take place outdoors, during evenings or during weekends.  To schedule the event in person, visit Academic Media Services at Holland 150, or call 335-7579.

Media Resources for Events

Academic Media Services consultants are available to help organizers plan for and schedule their event equipment needs for an event on the Pullman campus or via videoconference. Presentation technology specialists consult with event organizers to determine their requirements. AMS arranges for the presentation equipment and technical support resources appropriate to the event. Videorecording and/or videostreaming capture of the event are also available. In addition to borrowing or renting equipment, event organizers can also commission other services, including equipment delivery, set up and/or tear down, and technical assistance during the event.
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