Academic Media Services

General University Classrooms

Classroom Computers

AMS is gradually upgrading the teaching podiums in GUC classrooms by installing resident computers, giving instructors the option of using those computers instead of their own laptops. Laptop connections will still be available. No passwords are needed to access these computers or many standard, Windows-based software programs that have been installed. For more information about the installed software, check the Classroom Specs section.

Media Distribution System

Academic Media Services operates a media distribution system on the Pullman campus. Serving 105 general university classrooms, the system allows playback and control of media sources in the classroom using a local control panel. Media are distributed using a combination of analog, digital, and fiber optic technologies.

Media sources are scheduled through AMS. Media can include VHS videotapes, DVD's, or 16mm film. Other media may be accommodated through prior arrangement with AMS. Global media resources such as cable television channels are also available upon request.

Media are scheduled for distribution to specific classrooms at specific times. This addresses issues related to intellectual property and copyright; only those in the predetermined classrooms are able to view and control scheduled media.

Local control of media sources is accomplished using a control panel in the classroom. As AMS has evolved classroom design over the past ten years, control panels will be push button panel or electronic touch screen, and may be wall or podium mounted, depending on the classroom.

Laptop Support

Most of the WSU-Pullman General University Classrooms have integrated support for computer usage. Please check out our classroom information to find out the specific options for each classroom. If you use a laptop in any of WSU-Pullman's multimedia classrooms you may need additional help with:

Network Access

Laptops often need to be configured for DHCP network address assignment. We would be happy to assist with this setup or you can register your laptop yourself at


Information Technology Services provides wireless access to the Pullman campus. For more information about setting up your laptop to access the wireless signal, click here. For a map indicating the signal's availability, click here

Image Quality

WSU-Pullman has several types of presentation projectors installed into classrooms. Some of these projectors need to be set up specifically with your laptop. If you have image quality problems give us a call and we can schedule someone to come to your classroom to perform this procedure. The method for getting a laptop to send an image to a projector will vary with make and model. If you have problems getting your laptop to project, please contact us at 335-7336 for assistance.

Laptop Availability

A few laptops are available to students from Academic Media Services. They are checked out at presentation time only.

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